[Info] Beasiswa Korean National University of Arts

2011 Art Major Asian Full Scholarship!
Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, & Sports, Republic of Korea

Selection provision
Deadlines : July 31, 2011
All the necessary and required documents, personally delivered by the university, must arrive at K’Arts by the deadlines.

Korea National University of Arts
Office of External Affairs
Seokgwan-dong Campus, 146-37 Hwarang-ro 32-gil, Seongbuk-Gu, Seokgwan-Dong,
Seoul, South Korea

For inquiry please contact: global@karts.ac.kr. Tel : 822 746 9073, fax : 822 746 9079

Types of Degree Program : Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees

Period and Amount of Scholarships

For bachelor’s: Up to four (five for architecture major) years with an award of 18 million won each year per student
For master’s: Up to two (three for 3 year program) years with an award of 18 million won each year per student
AMA Scholarship offers university tuition waive, Korean language program provision, living expenses, provision of housing and flight expenses, etc.
For the continuation of the stipend support, the selected students should maintain the academic record of B or above for each and every semesters throughout the scholarship period

Condition of Art Major Asian (AMA) Scholarship

Provision of Living Expenses: 700,000won is granted every month.
Tuition Waive: 3,000,000won per semester is waived.
5 Month Korean Language Tuition Waive: 3,000,000won is provided.
Provision of Dormitory: 390,000won per semester. Please note that Dormitory fee is included in the provision of living expenses.
Travel Expenses: One round trip flight tickets.
Cultural field trips, extracurriculum programs are all provided for the AMA student.

Qualifications for the Scholarship

Applicants recommend by the rector (president) of the university graduated or attending. or head of government-approved organizations, companies and art related institutions, etc.
Applicants with outstanding artistic talents, gifted skills and an excellent academic record.
Applicants recommended by the government, or ministries, or embassies of Korea or University president or head of art and culture related organization.

** Those who speak Korean language is highly preferred.

Eligible Applicant Country : 21 countries
Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, Cambodia, China, Laos, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Kyrgizstan, Tibet, Turkey

For more information, please visit official website: eng.karts.ac.kr


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  1. qualification:
    excellent academic record –> oke
    outstanding artistic talents, gifted skills –> satu satunya skill yang bisa dibanggakan : tereak. itu termasuk outstanding artistic talents gak??

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